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Presenting tomorrow (May 9th) at MoDevUX 2013

I am presenting tomorrow – May 9th, at MoDevUX 2013. This is premier Mobile User Experience conference hosted by GoMoDev here in Northern Virginia. I attended the conference last year and this year am attending and presenting. I am running a ‘Mini-Workshop’ titled: Enterprise Mobile App UX: Designing from UI to Backend.  The abstract to the […]

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Microsoft makes a push for Windows 8 Apps

Mobile devices today live and die by the Apps they have. Gone are the days when one used a mobile device to make phone calls, have a contact/address book and keep a calendar. The iPhone changed all that. If one has a mobile device, say a cool smart Phone, users will only want to use the […]

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Speaking at DevOpsDays, New York

** Note: DevOpsDays, NY has been cancelled due to the hurricane. No new dates have been set yet. I will post updates on this blog ** I just received a confirmation email from the organizers of DevOpsDays, New York. My talk on Mobile DevOps has been accepted as an Ignite session. I have never attended a […]

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What is a ‘Mobile’ device after all?

The definition of what is really a ‘mobile’ device is really biased by the proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices. What we see and think of when we say the term ‘mobile device’, while most evident, is but a subset and really a minority of all that should be categorized as a ‘mobile’ device. None […]

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