Slides: DevOps – Using Lean Thinking to identify and address Delivery Pipeline bottlenecks

My thoughts on how ‘Lean Thinking’ techniques can be leveraged to help identify ‘bottlenecks’ in your delivery pipeline that can be addressed by adopting DevOps. More Information here: DevOps: Where to Start? DevOps: Mapping your Delivery Pipeline DevOps: Demo of Delivery Pipeline mapping exercise

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DevOps in the Enterprise: My interview with Gene Kim

At the recent IBM Innovate conference I had the opportunity to interview DevOps guru Gene Kim. Gene was there as the keynote speaker at the conference. Gene also participated on a panel, that I had the opportunity to join him on (more on that in a later post). Here is our short interview. We discussed […]

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DevOps vs Outsourcing

As we look at enterprises adopting DevOps (yes, enterprises are adopting DevOps, in droves), the question regarding outsourcing always comes up. Many (read: most) enterprises have at least some of their application delivery or IT operations outsourced to an external vendor. This may be the traditional ‘offshoring’ where work is offloaded to an external, offshore […]

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[SLIDES] IBM Innovate – Understanding DevOps session

Slides from IBM Innovate 2014. Delivered by myself and Eric Minick. IBM Innovate – Uderstanding DevOps from Sanjeev Sharma

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[Slides] Keynote at CampDevOps: DevOps: Using ‘Lean’ to eliminate Bottlenecks

I had the opportunity to deliver the keynote address at the 1st CampDevOps in Boulder, CO, on May 20th 2014. The event was organized by, in association with GlueCon. Slides are available here: CampDevOps keynote – DevOps: Using ‘Lean’ to eliminate Bottlenecks from Sanjeev Sharma Related DevOps posts are available here.

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New on IBM developerWorks: DevOps for mobile apps challenges and best practices

Leigh Williamson (IBM Distinguished Engineer, Rational Software CTO Team, Mobile Software Development Strategy) and I have co-written a paper on DevOps for Mobile Apps. The paper have been published this week on IBM developerWorks. In this paper Leigh and I introduce the challenges related to DevOps that are specific to Mobile Apps. Unless one is building a stand-alone game like […]

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DevOps as a Service (DaaS)?

In a recent post I posted on, I suggested the term DevOps as a Service (DaaS). Personally I am not a fan of the term. Mainly because DevOps is not a ‘Service’. It is an approach to achieve business objectives by adopting a set of capabilities, namely: Continuous Business Planning Collaborative Development Continuous Integration […]

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